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#1 Oct-13-08 7:12AM

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MONSTER Carp in the Pavilion!!

I decided to enjoy the nice weather at the Pavilion Lake in my kayak Saturday around noon.  I trolled and fished in a northeast direction along Ashburn Village Road following the shoreline on the north side turning westward toward the back of the lake. 

While fishing the north shore directly across from the pavilion, approximately 10 feet from the bank, a MONSTER carp exploded (can't stress "exploded" enough) a foot from the bow of the kayak splashing like shamu.  No warning, no fin poking out of the water, no ripples, only calm water until he broke jumping out of the water three times as he swam away.  I guestimate he is four feet long - plus or minus six inches. 

This has happened twice before over the past two months in six to eight times on the lake; however never this close to the kayak.  Anyone else heard or seen this happen?



#2 Oct-13-08 7:34AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Richmond, Virginia
Registered: Mar-26-08
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Re: MONSTER Carp in the Pavilion!!

Carp are very active fish despite what is seen as somewhat lethargic movements. While out the other evening, a carp breached the water, much in a manner similar to how you described it, and created a huge wake before submerging and disappearing. No warning, just a huge fish and a huge splash.

Beware of the lockness carp! haha

If it were easy, they'd call it catching!



#3 Oct-13-08 1:50PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: MONSTER Carp in the Pavilion!!


I know guys that target carp wit a fly rod! Patience is the deal but the fight would be epic!


Time to go fishin' again!



#4 Oct-16-08 10:58AM

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Re: MONSTER Carp in the Pavilion!!

i was in a cannoe and got run into by a carp.  It almost rolled the boat

working is for those who don't fish



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