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#1 Mar-31-17 6:39AM

Registered: Oct-26-16
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Windmill Pond - 3/30/17

Decided to swing by and toss around the chatterbait for an hour. A dog was barking at something that I thought was a duck...turned out to be the fin of a huge carp! Tried to take a quick picture of it. I was also able to hook up two LMB. First felt like a little over 2 pounds and the second was probably a pound. It was good to see them being active.



#2 Mar-31-17 7:49AM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: Windmill Pond - 3/30/17

Nice.....I've staked those carp at times. Try to throw a tiny fly and they spook the moment it hits the water.

Time to go fishin' again!



#3 Mar-31-17 8:30PM

Bass Hunter
Northern Snakehead
Registered: Oct-19-07
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Re: Windmill Pond - 3/30/17

Those grass carp are almost impossible to catch on bait. I'm still envious of the one Curly caught smile



#4 Apr-03-17 5:43AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Ashburn, VA
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Re: Windmill Pond - 3/30/17

Didn't know they had those grass carp in windmill pond. Nice catch!

Together we'll fight the long defeat.



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