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#1 Sep-05-15 3:43PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Sterling
Registered: Jan-04-14
Posts: 1516

Finally Hit Beaverdam Reservoir

I got out early and used my canoe with outriggers.  It was a perfect morning and the water was surprisingly high considering the lack of rain recently.  I thought I would be able to get something on topwater with the cloudiness, but nothing.  I switched to a Subwart and nothing.  I finally used a zoom speed craw on a Slider jig and got a decent LM maybe 14" or so.  I alternated between crankbaits, chatterbaits and craws.  I lost a better LM about 3lbs at the boat on a texas rigged craw.  The morning stayed cloudy and I really thought I would do better. 

I brought 2 heavy jigs to fish deep, but never ended up using them.  There was a little breeze and I did not have electronics, so deep structure fishing was not in the cards.  I ended up catching one small white perch on a little crankbait trolling back toward the dam.  I caught a couple more small LM down at the dam.  I decided to slow troll a dark chatterbait deep on the way back after lunch.  I hooked a better fish, but never got a good hookset and the fish surfaced and threw the hook.

Overall, I really enjoyed being back out on the lake and caught a few.  I like that there is parking and someone controlling access.

Always wishin' I was fishin'



#2 Sep-06-15 5:07AM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
Posts: 13124

Re: Finally Hit Beaverdam Reservoir

Sounds like some decent actio....glad you got out.

Time to go fishin' again!



#3 Sep-07-15 6:37AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Ashburn, VA
Registered: May-23-13
Posts: 1525

Re: Finally Hit Beaverdam Reservoir

You got to be outside and get some pullage, very nice.

Together we'll fight the long defeat.



#4 Sep-07-15 3:08PM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Sep-30-09
Posts: 857

Re: Finally Hit Beaverdam Reservoir

Did better than me this weekend.  Saturday my GF and I met my sister and little nephew out there in the morning.  The GF and I got rained on some while waiting.  But I was catching perch.  I paddled around with my nephew in my kayak and never caught another fish.

I went back early this morning.  The perch were breaking the surface all over but they just weren't biting what I always get them on.   I only caught two. It's getting to the point where I liked it better when the water clarity was a lot less.  Used to be about 2ft, now it's more like 6ft.

Bunch of people out there but I didn't see them catching anything.

I did much better on the Potomac yesterday.  Launched at Kephart, motored most of the way to the mouth of the creek where I caught a small crappie.  My first time catching a crappie in the river.  Got a typical smallie too before motoring up the river.  I went up to Harrison Island before turning around.  Caught a bunch of average smallies all over and some feisty sunfish.  Caught one final smallie at the mouth of Goose Creek before I headed back up the creek.

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#5 Sep-07-15 5:41PM

Northern Snakehead
Registered: Sep-08-12
Posts: 104

Re: Finally Hit Beaverdam Reservoir

Tough day on BCR. I was out there too and not a bite all day. Jigged rock ledges crank bait swim bait spinner bait.  Nada



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