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#1 Nov-11-13 3:48AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Ashburn, va
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11/08/2013 report

Between the little one, the wife and work, I haven't had a chance to so much as set foot in the woods this year till saturday morning.  The wife and the little one had a play date in the morning, so I decided I was going to go sit in a tree for a few hours.

Since I haven't done any scouting I figured I would just use the old trick of walking in the woods, then find a creek and back off from a crossing by 50 yards. I have never harvested a deer using that trick  but I usually see them.  Well somehow in the dark, I missed the creek (I needed to walk another 75-100 yards) and since it was starting to get light I figured one tree was a good as the next. I found a nice oak that was between a few dead falls and up I went. I had just hauled up my bow when a ruckus was running towards me.  I look down can barely make out two deer running by followed by a third. After they go by I can hear a ton of rustling in the distance but just can't make anything out. About 0800 I have two does (doe and fawn) come running back by followed by a little fork horn who is grunting up a storm. After that, it was a quiet morning except for the herd of fox squirrels that went running by.

One thing I noticed on my way out of the woods is that there are hardly any hickory nuts or acorns on the ground this year. Anyone know if we had a mast failure again?

It looks like parts of VA and WVA have a total mast failure this year. … -for-2013/

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#2 Nov-11-13 5:05AM

jumping jasper
Patagonian Toothfish
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Re: 11/08/2013 report

Very few acorns this year. I have heard from people saying the same thing from central VA.
Glad you got out. My work has not allowed me to get out much this year.




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