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#1 Aug-25-10 7:20PM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Sep-30-09
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Beaverdam 8/25

I went out to Beaverdam with a couple jugs to try for a big cat without having to mess around with another rod.  I started off throwing the white bitsy minnow to get some perch for bait.  I had a few small fish get off.  One got away with the bitsy minnow.  Somehow the snap swivel came undone.  So I had to start throwing the fire tiger bitsy minnow.  I wasn't getting anything on the church side so I stated heading to the other side.   In the area of the bridge I set out one jug with some mixed vegetables for bait.  Along the far shore I found where a bunch of small bass hang out.  I caught a few on the bitsy minnow until I saw some big schools of perch boiling the surface. I started chasing after those.  I got a few strikes but they just weren't stay on.   I yanked one clear out of the water when setting the hook.

Eventually they died down without me getting one so I headed back towards the shallower water where I was able to get one of just the right size. I set the other jug in the middle to the north of the bridge. I tried a jig with rage tail craw in 10-15ft range with nothing biting.  Then I went back to fishing near the shore.  I switched to senko and hooked up with two more small but really aggressive LMB.  I had a few other good hits and misses too. Also got a green sunfish.  The last LMB destroyed the last one of that type of senko so I switched to a 4" watermelon one. 

The Greenie

It was getting near 8pm by now so I went to retrieve the jugs.  I left the perch dangling in the water while a paddled to the 2nd jug and then back towards the church.  At the same time I was tossing the senko out in front and letting it sink while I slowly moved towards it, followed by a slow retrieve.  Eventually something hit it and briefly I thought it got off until it started fighting really hard.  I thought I had a really nice bass on the line.  Instead it was this cat.  So much for the jugs I thought.  I put that one in a plastic container to take home for dinner.

Once that was done I tossed the senko back out.  While it was sinking I tossed a beetlespin in another direction.  I hadn't retrieved it much When I noticed line coming off the jug sitting in the milk crate behind me.  Something finally decided that perch would make a good meal.  Maybe now I get a big cat.  Hand over hand with line a few times and there it was.  Holy crap! I thought.    I was not expecting this.

My personal best LMB.  Better than 3lbs.  19.5"

So I caught a cat on a Senko and a bass on a cat rig. I guess it all balances out.

Dinner.  Hard to beat some fried catfish.



#2 Aug-25-10 7:42PM

From: Tyson Corner
Registered: Oct-26-09
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Re: Beaverdam 8/25

Nice LMB, I have yet to catch anything larger than 2#.  Always enjoy reading your reports, especially the ones full with pics!!



#3 Aug-25-10 7:46PM

Registered: Feb-25-10
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Re: Beaverdam 8/25

The wonders of jugging. Great report.



#4 Aug-25-10 8:16PM

Bass Hunter
Northern Snakehead
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Re: Beaverdam 8/25

Nice report T. Sounds like you had a great day out there. I've never caught any bass over 2 pounds out there either. It was a great day to be out at BDR today..



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