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#1 Nov-03-07 4:59PM

From: Ashburn VA
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11-3-07, Potomac River (DC) report

With great anticipation (due to Curly's 20 striper day yesterday), Curly and I set out to the Washington Channel (WC) this morning. We got a little bit of a late start for various reasons but we were fishing by 8:15. It was a cold and windy morning but we certainly did not have the 4-6 foot rollers that my friends on the Lower Potomac were experiencing. I talked to a couple of them (they were fishing the Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournament) and conditions were very rough. Many of the boats had waves breaking over the bow!  Been there, done that and NO THANKS!!!

Back to fishing the WC……we started out trolling using four Rebel Jointed Spoonbills and two small umbrella rigs with buck tails. We did this until around 12:15 and we had exactly ONE knockdown…that was it….a big fat ZERO….a SKUNK brewing! So much so, that I was kidding with Curly about posting a picture of a skunk should our day remain the way it was going. We decided to change things up so we drifted (using a drift sock to slow us down) and started jigging....we did this for an hour with the same results.

So we decided to go back to trolling since it was getting close to quitting time and we made the final pass up river. That pass produced nothing so we started heading down river towards the ramp to get on home. This was to be our last pass and it was 1:20. All of the sudden, one of the rods goes down and Curly jumps on it. On the end of the line, a 20” inch striper gets netted.

Skunk off! This bad boy weighed in at 3.7 pounds! That’s a lot of weight for a 20 inch fish. The adrenalin has now kicked in and phone calls are being made….we get to fish for another 45 minutes!!

We troll over the same spot that we caught the keeper but we didn’t get a return hit so Curly says, “Let’s shoot the gap”. This is an area between the wall (near Water Police station) and a lure eating hump. It’s an area about 15 yard wide that is anywhere from 8-13 feet just off a deeper (18-22 feet) drop off. As soon as we go though, a couple of rods go down and we start catching! Another pass and three rods go down....we land two and one gets away. In about 40 minutes, we catch 11 stripers (2 keepers) and a small mouth bass! Wow! That was fast action and we had to leave it due to family commitments. Yes…we left actively feeding fish!

Another great day on the water!


Time to go fishin' again!



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