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#1 Oct-26-07 7:19PM

From: Ashburn VA
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7-22/23-05, Potomac River (Lower) report

Had my oldest son Jon and one of his best buddies, Ben Slitor, on board Friday & Saturday.

We put in at Shymansky's on Friday at 3:30PM for a little white perch action on light tackle ( 4 & 6 lb line on 5 & 5.5' rods) and little spinners. We decided to head up to Location X (Swan Pt.) and began casting and catching on almost every throw (in 4-5 of water, 50-60 yards from shoreline). 

Contest was on! The key was getting the spinners down to the bottom and rolling them over the oyster shells.  We caught about 150 white perch and kept about a dozen over 9" including two over 10".  What a blast!!!

Then we saw several boils with baitfish getting all cut up at the surface (smooth calm waters). We were not totally prepared for what we saw but we did have some 1/4 oz. bucktails and we started throwing. We caught several rock and had 5-6 lures bit off (no leader). I suspect that the boils were from blues (saw the same thing in May down at the Outer Banks) and the rock were mixing in with them. It was a C & R blast but we did  boat a 19" and a 21".  Here is Jon with a nice one.....

All the rock were caught around 8 PM as the sun started to dip down.

We decided not to push it and we came in at dark for a night's rest in La Plata (remember, we drive 90 miles to get to these fishing waters).

On Saturday, we went back to Shymanky's and ran into a couple of good friends as they were getting ready to go out. Always good to see those guys!

So we headed back to Swan Pt. but the water was not smooth calm as the wind had picked up. Nevertheless, we proceeded to catch about 85 perch in 3-4 hours in the same area as Friday night. We kept 8-9 real nice 9+" fish. These suburban boys I had on the boat had a blast! i wonder if Ben had a good time??

We then went into the Wicomico to fish some of my old stomping grounds. While we did catch a few, they were all teeny. Water looked reddish in some places. We did not keep one fish from the Wicomico. All the 8"+ fish must be out in the Potomac. We did stop at Quade's Store had had the customary crab cake sandwich from Mrs. Quade.

I love to eat white perch and there's no more relaxing (and tiring) fishing that catching these guys. Wears your arms out! There will be a fish fry at the Kiko house on Sunday night! First time this year we got that many keepers.

We had two excellent outings (no more than 5 hours each)! It will be mid to late August before I can get back there after a 3 week in a row run. Same some perch for me.


Time to go fishin' again!



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