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#1 Oct-26-07 6:10PM

From: Ashburn VA
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3-19-05 Potomac River (DC) report

Early in the week, the weatherman said it was going to be 45 and rainy today. Not so! It was gorgeous with hazy blue skies and 60 degree temps!

Andy (JunkyardGypsy) and I set out for a shakedown and fishing trip. All was going well in the morning as we readied the boat until I found out I had a dead battery. OK, so we jump it and run the motor for a while. We then set out to Gravely Point and put the Boat in the water....dead battery again. Mr. JG is pretty ingenious and he brings the truck almost in the water and we stretch the cable and jump it again. Motor is now running. He puts the truck into the parking space but the motor quits again and the battery is still dead. We do our little exercise one more time and we get the motor running. And it stayed running for 5.5 hours because I was not about to shut it down (Four strokes are nice this way).

Now we have to get him a fishing license so we go up the Washington Channel and decide to troll for schoolie stripers since it's mostly "no wake" up there. Two minutes after the lures are in and we get a hit. A nice 16" striper is on and we reel him in but he gets off at the side of the boat. Do we count it? Is the skunk off?

After we head out of the channel, we get a another hit and a 3 lb 13 oz large mouth bass gets boated, pictured and released.

We then go after the walleye (that was the original mission) and went to Charlie's spot by Key Bridge. There were no marks so we moved up river to Three Sisters. The Fish Finder was going nuts! Fish everywhere! I imagine that shad, herring, catfish, stripers etc were all down there raising havoc.

We then use some cut bait and in a few minutes, something big starts tugging. After a brief battle, an 11 lb 3 oz blue cat gets boated, pictured and released.

What could have been a bad day turned to be a great day on the water. Not a bad start to the fishing season!


Time to go fishin' again!



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