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Charlie NHBA
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Weekly Fishing Report - July 1, 2009

FISHING REPORT                          By Charlie Taylor

       Potomac River Tide Information                 Twilight   
         High Point, Occoquan River                     Hours
  Day       Date     High    Low     High    Low      A.M.    P.M.
Wednesday   7/01     0252    0944    1520    2132     0517    2109
Thursday    7/02     0347    1046    1617    2224     0517    2109
Friday      7/03     0439    1144    1710    2315     0518    2109
Saturday    7/04     0527    1237    1801    - - -    0518    2109
Sunday      7/05     0613    1324    1849    0004     0519    2108
Monday      7/06     0656    1406    1934    0051     0519    2108
Tuesday     7/07     0736    1443    2017    0135     0520    2108
Wednesday   7/08     0814    1518    2057    0217     0521    2107
Thursday    7/09     0849    1550    2133    0258     0521    2107
Friday      7/10     0923    1620    2204    0338     0522    2107
Saturday    7/11     0957    1650    2232    0419     0523    2106
Sunday      7/12     1032    1722    2302    0501     0524    2106

POTOMAC RIVER - D.C. - Main river bridge pilings are holding largemouth bass
and channel catfish. These fish are taking deep-diving crankbaits, plastic
worms and grubs, and jig 'n pig baits on falling tides. The Washington Channel
grassbed is giving up some bass to anglers working spinnerbaits, buzzbaits,
frogs and plastic worms in the grass. Rattling crankbaits, retrieved parallel
to the dropoff, are also taking some nice fish. Outside Blue Plains, the grass
beds are producing some good bass on plastic worms and frogs, topwater baits
and spinnerbaits, retrieved along the outside edge. Submerged barges are also
giving up some bass to anglers fishing jig 'n pig and plastic baits along the
deeper edges. Fox Ferry pilings are holding lots of good fish. These fish are
taking crankbaits, plastic worms and jig 'n pig on ebb tides. Topwater baits
are taking some fish early and late in the day.

entrenched in the grass beds, both in the main river and in the creeks.
Buzzbaits, plastic frogs, Senkos & spinnerbaits, worked over and around the
grass on higher tides will take limits of 2-6 pound bass, while dark colored
plastic worms and Senkos seem to work better on falling tides. From the
Woodrow Wilson Bridge to Mattawoman Creek, bass are found in the backs of
creeks and on dropoffs, and isolated wood cover on the main river. Buzzbaits,
plastic worms, jig 'n pig and crankbaits are the favored baits. Catfish are
thick in the river, biting well on cut bait, clam snouts and cut crab baits.
Crappie are available on minnows around boat docks and pilings.

OCCOQUAN RIVER - Crappie are taking tiny jigs around boat docks. Bass are
taking plastic worms and crankbaits around wood cover and on rocks. Catfish
like clam snouts in the river channel.

OCCOQUAN RESERVOIR - Bass are being taken early and late in the day on main
lake points. Jig 'n pig, plastic baits, and crankbaits are taking the fish
from 12 feet of water. Crappie schools are found suspended over main lake
points, at 12 feet, in 25+ feet of water. Catfish are taking chicken livers
and clam snouts. The fishing pier is providing lots of crappie, along with a
few bass in the 1-2 pound class.

BURKE LAKE - Bass are taking plastic worms and jig 'n pig baits on dropoffs
and weedbed edges. Some small bass are taken on crankbaits from the face of
the dam. Catfish and crappie bite well. Lots of muskie follows, but few fish.

FARM PONDS - Flyrodders are having a field day on bass and sunfish. Small
poppers and crayfish imitations are working well. Doodling plastic worms in
deeper water near the dam works well for bass and catfish.

POTOMAC RIVER - UPPER - Anglers are catching lots of good smallmouth. Better
lures are plastic grubs, Zoom Flukes, Baby Chug Bugs and small crankbaits.
Fish banks early and late in the day, and the main river channel when the sun
is high. Catfish are taking crab, clam snouts and chicken livers, while carp
are taking doughballs and cut corn. Flyrodders are having a ball, catching
smallmouth bass and big bluegills. Poppers and foam spiders are working well
during the day, while light cahills in size 12-14 are tearing them up at dusk.

RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER - Bass are taking spinnerbaits and shad colored crankbaits
in the tidal sections. Best action is in the Green Bay area. Blue catfish are
taking cut bait and eel sections in the main river channel. Above the city,
smallmouth bass, to five pounds, are taking topwater baits, early and late in
the day. When the sun is high, fish live bait or plastic grubs in the holes in
the river channel.

SHENANDOAH RIVER - Lots of smallmouth bass to four pounds taking plastic grubs
in smoke/metal flake and pumpkinseed colors, Rapalas, Baby Chug Bugs and small
crankbaits. Flyrodders are loading up, using poppers and Wooly Buggers.
Catfish and sunfish are biting well throughout the river.

MATTAPONI/PAMUNKEY RIVERS - Excellent fishing above West Point for bass,
stripers, catfish, crappie, bream and perch. Lower sections are inundated with
croaker and pleasure boaters.

LAKE ANNA - Bass anglers are taking fish in 12-20 feet of water, on Pop-R's
and buzz baits early and late in the day, and dark colored plastic worms and
deep-diving crankbaits after the sun comes up. Stripers are taking Cordell Red
Fins and free-lined, live shad. Best areas are around the Splits and in the
area between the 208 Bridge and Sturgeon Creek. Crappie are suspended at 12-20
feet, taking minnows, tiny jigs and grubs. Some walleye are taking crankbaits,
nightcrawlers and live leeches. Best action is early and late in the day.

JAMES RIVER - From Dutch Gap to Petersburg, blue and flathead catfish to 60+
pounds are taking cut bait. Above Hopewell, anglers are catching bass from the
wing dams. Below Hopewell, fish are being caught from cypress trees at creek
mouths, on plastic worms and lizards. Above the fall line, smallmouth bass to
five pounds, and bream are caught on pumpkinseed grubs, buzzbaits and Tiny

APPOMATTOX RIVER - Bass anglers are taking fish on ebb tides, from the
blowdowns, from Petersburg to Hopewell, on dark colored plastic worms, 1/4 oz.
spinnerbaits and bone/orange colored crankbaits. Lots of catfish are being
taken on chartreuse crankbaits on the same tide and cover.

LAKE CHESDIN - Bream on crickets, crappie on live minnows and bass on plastic
worms, buzzbaits and crankbaits. Walleye are being taken from points on
nightcrawlers and minnows. Catfish are taking almost anything put in the

CHICKAHOMINY RIVER - Bass are taken from lily pads on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits
and plastic worms and frogs. Larger fish are being caught on main river
channel dropoffs on plastic baits, jig 'n pig and deep diving crankbaits.
Crappie are taken on live minnows, bream on crickets and catfish on turtle
livers and nightcrawlers.

CHICKAHOMINY LAKE - Bass are taking topwater baits and live minnows, early and
late in the day. After sunup, fish swimming worms in the lily pad edges and
over the grass beds. Large bream are taking red wigglers and nightcrawlers.
Yellow perch, bowfin, large gar and pickerel are also being caught.

LITTLE CREEK RESERVOIR - Flyrodders are taking bream on poppers. Catfish,
crappie, yellow perch and bass to six pounds, round out the catches. Large
pickerel are hitting plastic worms and minnows in 10-15 feet of water.

BACK BAY - White perch are available on shell rock bottoms, on grass shrimp.
Bass anglers are doing well in the upper bay, around the creek mouths, on
spinnerbaits and spoons in the grassbeds. Other catches include small bass,
large catfish and yellow perch.

SUFFOLK LAKES - Action is red hot in all lakes, as all lakes are producing
citation shellcrackers and bream on red wigglers. Largemouth bass, to seven
pounds, are taking plastic worms. Stripers are being caught around the
aerators at Western Branch in the evenings. Crappie, gar, pickerel and yellow
perch round out the catches.

LAKE GASTON - Bass are deep, taking plastic worms on main lake points and boat
docks. Carolina-rigged lizards are the most productive baits. Uplake, live
shad are taking stripers and large bass, suspended in the main river channel.
Plastic frogs and floating worms are taking bass from the extensive grass
beds. Crappie action is good around boat docks. Catfishing is excellent.

BUGGS ISLAND LAKE - With the lake level at normal, bass are found on main lake
points. Best pattern appears to be fishing Carolina-rigged plastic baits on
main lake and secondary points. Topwater baits are taking some fish early and
late in the day, in main lake coves. Stripers are biting well on trolled
bucktails, Cordell Redfins and live shad in Nutbush Creek, from the mouth to
Buoy L. The Eagle Point area, around Buoys 9 and 10, is also producing fish.
Crappie are caught near bridges at 18-22 feet. Some white bass are taken
around Bluestone Creek and the Clarksville Bridge, mixed in with crappie.

BRIERY CREEK & SANDY RIVER RESERVOIRS - Anglers fishing deep, are taking
bream, crappie, some catfish and a number of slot limit bass.

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE - Stripers, to 30+ pounds, are being caught near the dam,
at Becky's Creek and Gills Creek. Live shad, fished on balloons at night are
the ticket. Anglers fishing during the day are trolling Red Eye or Sutton
spoons and deep-diving minnow imitations at 16-22 feet. Bass fishing is fair
at night on Zoom lizards and plastic worms in junebug color. During the day,
boat docks are the preferred location for bass, with live minnows, Senkos and
smoke, metal-flake grubs taking most of the fish. Crappie and catfish action
is good from dusk until just after dark.

LEESVILLE RESERVOIR - Topwater lures are taking largemouth early and late in
the day, but better success is coming on plastic worms after the sun rises.
White bass are also taking topwaters, when the schools can be found. Crappie
action is hot with large stringers coming on live minnows. A few stripers are
being taken on trolled Cordell Redfins.

LAKE MOOMAW - Brown trout to almost six pounds are being caught on live
minnows at night, under the lights. Daytime trolling has produced some catches
of trout to five pounds. Bass anglers are doing well on spinnerbaits,
topwater and plastic worms. Yellow perch fishing has exploded, with limits
being caught daily. Catfish and crappie anglers are also catching fish at

PHILPOTT LAKE - Some walleye and bass catches are reported, caught at night.
Crappie and bream fishing is good, with fish to over a pound not unusual. The
Smith River is giving up brown trout to six pounds.

NEW RIVER - Under high water conditions, bass and catfish are "biting like
crazy". Bragging size fish are scarce, but the action is non-stop. Topwaters,
plastic worms and grubs, and live baits are preferred.

SOUTH HOLSTON RESERVOIR - Walleye anglers are taking lots of fish, trolling
nightcrawlers after dark. Shad Raps and Rapalas are also effective along the
shoreline after dark. Smallmouth bass, crappie and catfish are cooperating
nicely. Flyrodders are taking the bass on poppers and streamers, while crappie
are taking live minnows, and catfish are inhaling doughballs. Some trout are
biting near the dam.

CLAYTOR LAKE - Stripers, 14-16 pounds, are taking live shad. White bass are
schooled, taking topwater baits. Good catches of crappie and catfish are being
taken at night. Some nice catches of bass are being made on salty grubs.
Walleye to five pounds are taking Finesse lures at night.

TROUT STREAMS - The Western streams have improved with the recent
thunderstorms. Pale Evening Duns and Sulphur Duns in sizes 16 & 18, and Light
Cahill in sizes 14 & 16 are active flies working well at the present time.
Brown trout action is excellent in the Jackson River.


CHINCOTEAGUE - Most catches are dominated by flounder, with croaker, snapper
blues, sea mullet and pan trout mixed in. Crabbing is improving daily.
Offshore, 40-90 pound bluefin tuna are available to anglers chunking
butterfish, 25-30 miles from the inlet. Yellowfin tuna and large dolphin are
being caught in Washington Canyon. Tautog are still active on the ocean
wrecks, while surf anglers are taking plenty of spot, some pan trout and
snapper blues.

WACHAPREAGUE - Lots of white marlin are available, along with yellowfin tuna
and large dolphin, at Washington Canyon. Bluefin tuna, to over 100 pounds, and
king mackerel are found at the 21 and 26 Mile Hills. Inside the inlet, anglers
are catching plenty of croaker, fair numbers of spot, and lots of flounder.

ONANCOCK - Excellent bottom fishing in Tangier and Pocomoke Sounds, with
croaker, 1-2 pounds, pan trout, spot, small sharks, porgy, grunt, sea mullet,
blowfish and bluefish. Flounder catches are small, but sport larger fish.

QUINBY - Croaker fishing is excellent, along with some spot, pan trout and a
few flounder.

CAPE CHARLES - Plenty of croaker, spot, mullet, pan trout and taylor blues for
bottom fishermen. Cobia, to 55 pounds, are biting well in the C-10 area.
Seaside, flounder catches are rated excellent, while tarpon releases are
becoming more frequent at Oyster. Offshore, bluefin tuna are showing well on
the 26 Mile Hill.

LOWER CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Catches of flounder improved this week, with the
best flounder catches being around the First Island and between the Third and
Fourth Islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Black and red drum
continue to be caught around the rock islands. Lots of spadefish are being
caught at the Fourth Island. Lots of croaker are being caught inside the
Lynnhaven complex, while a few grey trout are being caught at night, under the
Lesner Bridge. Nighttime anglers are taking fair numbers of 3-8 pound grey
trout at the rock islands. Cobia remain the big catch at Bluefish Rock,
Latimer Shoals and the Cabbage Patch. Plenty of spot and croaker, plus some
pan trout and bluefish at B-21 and Twin Stakes in 20-25 feet of water. Croaker
action remains good on the lower York River, with some flounder hitting in the
Gloucester Point area. Offshore, amberjack remain a sure bet at the Southern
Tower on live bait, while at the Cigar, white and blue marlin, large dolphin
and yellowfin tuna are the main catch. Trollers are taking Spanish mackerel
around the mouth of Mill House Creek and off Fort Wool.

MIDDLE CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Excellent catches of croaker and spot are made
just off Lewisetta and at the mouth of the Coan River. Spanish mackerel
catches improved this week, with some of the better ones being made off the
Great Wicomico River, Dividing Creek, Bluff Point and around the Smith Point
Light. Snapper blues and Spanish mackerel are roaming the Southwest
Middlegrounds, while Blackberry Hang and Tangier Sound are loaded with spot,
croaker and pan trout. Speckled trout action is improving, with larger fish
showing in the grassbeds off Windmill Point, inside Dameron Marsh and around
the Smith Point jetty. Croaker action is great at the White Stone Bridge,
Butler's Hole and the Silos, on the Rappahannock River. Croaker to 1.5 pounds
and medium spot have moved into the Morattico Bar area. The Cell is sporting
lots of spadefish and big flounder.

UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Medium spot and croaker are being taken in the
mouth of the Choptank River. Some bluefish are caught on surgical eels and
medium spoons around Sharp Island and the Gooses. A few drum have been
reported from Stone Rock and the rocks North of Poplar Island. Good catches of
10-12 inch spot are being made using bloodworms and peeler crab over oyster
bars and channel edges in Tangier Sound. A few grey trout are also taken in
the evenings along the shore. Choptank River piers report spot and white perch
on grass shrimp and peeler crab. Good catches of catfish on cut bait. White
perch and spot are also being taken off the mouth of the Magothy River to Key
Bridge on bloodworms, grass shrimp and peelers. Hackett's Bar is producing
good numbers of bluefish, 3-4 pounds. White perch are present in Longford
Creek, Chester River, Swan Point Bar and around Eastern Neck Island.

OCEAN CITY - Flounder are being caught, drifting channels at the Route 50
Bridge on squid and live minnows. Nice catches of spot are reported along with
a few small bluefish and puffers. At the inlet, grey trout are being caught on
bucktails along the jetties at high tide. A few bluefish are mixed in the
catches. Pier anglers are taking trout and bluefish. Surf anglers are taking
bluefish on cut squid and mullet. Offshore, good catches of tuna, white marlin
and blue marlin. Sea bass and tautog fishing is excellent on the wrecks.
Assateague Island surfcasters are finding black tip and sand sharks to six

VIRGINIA BEACH - Anglers are routinely seeing cobia on or near the surface.
Some fish were caught around the Tower Reef, but amberjack were a more likely
catch. Live baiting with spot, croaker or menhaden remains the favored method.
Surf anglers find small to medium spot, sea mullet and a few flounder. Inside
Rudee Inlet, small flounder and spot are the rule. Offshore, white and blue
marlin catches are good, along with yellowfin and bluefin tuna, large dolphin,
large bluefish, king mackerel and some nice wahoo. Better action is available
at the Cigar, Norfolk Canyon and the Fingers.


LYNNHAVEN - Spot fishing is best in the morning, but consistent catches are
being made all day. Mixed in with the spot are a few flounder, sea mullet and
snapper blues. Spanish mackerel are showing in the evening and pan trout show
under the lights. Crabbing is good.

VIRGINIA BEACH - Sporadic catches of spot, croaker, sea mullet and flounder.
Crabbing has improved with the hot weather and is rated very good. A few
Spanish mackerel and taylor blues are being caught from the end of the pier.

SANDBRIDGE - Daytime catches are limited to a few spot, trout, sea mullet and
flounder. Spanish mackerel and taylor blues are being caught in late evening
hours under clear water conditions. Occasional cobia are caught.

OUTER BANKS, N.C. - Good numbers of spot, sea mullet and taylor blues are
being caught from the surf. Fair to good numbers of flounder are found at the
Inlet, but most are small. The Little Bridge to Manteo is producing some
speckled trout, spot and croaker. Pier anglers are taking jack crevalle, cobia
and king mackerel, and hooking tarpon daily, along with the spot, croaker and
taylor blues. Offshore, dolphin fishing is excellent south of the Point.
Yellowfin tuna and wahoo catches improved, and good catches of king mackerel
were reported. Sailfish and blue marlin releases are excellent. Inshore,
taylor blues and Spanish mackerel catches are good, while headboats return
with mixed catches of triggerfish, croaker, spot, sea bass and trout.

Charlie NHBA.........



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