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#1 Mar-10-18 3:50PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Sterling
Registered: Jan-04-14
Posts: 1153

Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

I picked George up at 7am for a day of pre-spawn fishing.  I hoped it would be a big numbers day, but conditions change and we did a lot more fishing than catching.  It was just before low tide, so I knew the morning would be tougher.  3 boats were already in the area and another guy was putting in.  I closed my car door on my baitcasting rod, so that was fun.  We fished near warm water for a couple hours and did not get a bite.  Moved around some, but conditions were tough (several cold days prior, clearer water and light winds).  The fish seemed to have lockjaw. 

Finally, after lunch, I caught a fish on a tube.  It was good to get the skunk out of the boat.
A while later, George caught one on a tube as well.
I was happy that George got one.  It was with a rod he built and had not caught a fish with yet.  The tide was coming in good and the water had a bit more color and there was an annoying, but tolerable NW wind.  George switched to a swim bait on one of his SWM jigs and then hooked a nicer LM.  My picture does not do the fish justice.  Maybe George can add his pictures, which should be better.
I caught another smaller LM on a tube and then George cast to where he saw a fish chasing bait.
It was a nice snakehead!

That was it for the catching.  I decided to move and we hit a flat that usually holds fish on high tide, but nada.  We were off the water by about 3:40pm.  It was much colder than I had hoped and the fish were not on fire, but we caught a few.

Always wishin' I was fishin'



#2 Mar-10-18 4:00PM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Mar-15-10
Posts: 4776

Re: Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

Nice report!

Hell or High Water...........I'm Fishin!!   big_smile



#3 Mar-11-18 8:57AM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Jan-31-12
Posts: 949

Re: Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

My pix of the greenie looks about the same

Froze our butts off at first, then the sun came out, skies cleared and the fish started biting

Broke the cherry on a new rod too

Had a great time DrX



#4 Mar-11-18 9:39AM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
Posts: 12462

Re: Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

hookup wrote:

Froze our butts off at first

Better you than me....nice job boys!

Time to go fishin' again!



#5 Mar-11-18 6:59PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Ashburn, VA
Registered: May-23-13
Posts: 1384

Re: Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

Nice fish!! That SH must have been fun to catch.

Together we'll fight the long defeat.



#6 Mar-12-18 5:39AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Bealeton, VA
Registered: Mar-18-11
Posts: 867

Re: Tidal Potomac 3/10/18 with Hookup

Nice report, beautiful color on that snakehead. Man I can't wait to get back on the Potomac.

tight lines



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