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#1 Aug-30-15 8:50AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Potomac River
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August 29th Double Report

We always start our trips with some of the finest rib and chicken in Southern MD. My trip was great with many follows and and two solid hookups. At one point we had a huge Potomac Pike following our toad. It was like Godzilla parting the woods chasing down Rodan. Pads pushed out of the way as he followed the toad 10 yards. Just before the boat she stopped the toad and he ate it but the timing was off on the hookset.
Another rather large Potomac Pike ate the toad and the 40lb line snapped. Another was hooked and wrapped up in some tall grass and escaped. All in all it was a stellar evening.

Capt Mike

The snakehead have been a little more active this week.  Last night,  we got more strikes.  Tonight we got more fish.  One fish but,  a nice fish.  Hey,  the way its been lately, snakehead follows and missed fish are counted as a good night.  Fish in the boat makes it a great night. Last year Kamie hogged the whole boat to herself.  This year she brought along JC.  Kamie has now become an IHC regular and I hope to see her and JC again.  JC was new to this style of fishing and was a quick study.  Strike, hookset,  fish in the boat.  Thanks Kamie and JC!

Capt Dave

Light Tackle Fishing Guide on the Potomac



#2 Aug-30-15 9:10AM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: August 29th Double Report

T- minus 3 hours.

I will bring some complement for the ribs and chicken.....

Time to go fishin' again!



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