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#1 Dec-06-13 7:59AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Stafford
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Nov 30 report

A little late, but I thought I should report anyway.  Took my nephew and future son-n-law type to front royal for a morning hunt on Sat.  We set up in two tree stands 1 in front and 1 in back of the family property.  I staged myself on the edge of an open field at the bottom of a "bowl" basically to get some sleep and nab a coyote if one ran by.  By 7:45 I was fully sleeping .....sitting on the ground leaning on a hardwood tree.  My coveralls are way too comfortable!  Anyway, I begin to hear a lot of movement and think to myself....did the dogs get loose from the house?  so I open my eyes to see a doe's head crest the hill to my right.  I had set up the snl on a tree stand 150 yds on the right so I couldn't understand why he didn't shoot, but realized there must be a whole group of them that came out.  Sure enough he takes a shot and they all come running right in front of me.  About 5 does and a buck at the back.  I decided not to shoot although I had a clear shot on any one of them and could have taken one easily.  As I aimed in on the buck to see if it was a clean shot I see that it is heavily wounded and stops about 50 yds in front of me and drops.  I was too excited for the snl since this was his first ever deer.  We dressed it, called it in, and took care of business.  His rack was beat up and many of the points were broken off.  We continued the hunt after the first harvest in support of the nephew and saw several other deer including a nice big buck, but no shot was available.  I was actually thankful we didn't get another one because it's frankly a lot of work!  Picture to come later....

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#2 Dec-06-13 8:28AM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Mar-15-10
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Re: Nov 30 report


Hell or High Water...........I'm Fishin!!   big_smile



#3 Dec-11-13 4:33AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Ashburn, va
Registered: Mar-03-09
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Re: Nov 30 report

That is great that you and your SNL will have this in common. Sounds like you have him hooked. About the only thing I have in common with my father in law is that neither one of is Chinese.



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