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#1 Oct-22-13 6:28PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Potomac River
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6 days in the Bayou Report

In total Joe Bruce and I caught about 126 fish over 6 days fishing with Marty Authement (pronounced Odumont). Or something like that...We fished out of DuLarge, DuLac and Point Du Chane. Each had it's own flavor of reds and in some cases huge pods of reds would come down the grass edge with there backs out of the water. I know why they call them reds...because most of the time there backs are out of the water getting a sunburn. It is an awesome sight and will remain in my memory banks for many years. You get so excited upon seeing this you forget to take a picture of it. Many doubles and few triple hookups follow those moments. Day two my fly rod broke but my spinning rods turned out to be the deadly tools needed by reaching out into thin water to make the fish count higher.

Just a quick moment by moment recall: We reach a fork in a cut that goes left and right but the left side is covered in oyster humps that the boat can not cross. We pause and I see a large red coming down the right fork with it wide back and tail exposed. Joe shoots a fly right to it and it keeps moving. He shoots the fly right in it's face 3 more times and it is now broadside with the boat. I put the fly three more times in its face and yet it keeps moving. Marty grabs a spinning rod and makes a hail Mary cast a good ways off and misses it by 8 feet. Well the lure is now snagged on an oyster clump and the 20 lb braid just rolls it over and the lure gets pounded by the 10 lb red.. it ran around two islands and after an 8 minute fight gets landed and released.

I have many pics if want to see them.

Once again Marty is at

Highly recommended BTW.

Capt Mike

Light Tackle Fishing Guide on the Potomac



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