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#1 Oct-20-12 5:40PM

Patagonian Toothfish
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Tidal Potomac 10/20

I went down to my aunt/uncle's place at Belmont Bay so we could do some fishing.  They have a Maxum boat (2700 SE maybe) and are fairly new to boating and reluctant to take it anywhere it's less than 5ft deep. So that meant not fishing a spot where I knew we could get some bass. We ended up heading up the river. Between Mt Vernon and Ft Washington we slowed down and I trawled a couple deep diving crankbaits.  It was probably five minutes later when I got a fish on.  A good dinner-size blue cat. The first fish caught on their boat. There were a few anchored boats south of Ft. Washington that appeared to be targeting big cats.  I saw one guy using massive chunk of cut bait.

We then headed south and anchored at the mouth of the Mattawoman while we ate lunch. I put out a couple lines baited with white perch and then after clearing out a tangle I taught my uncle how to use his spinning rod with some crankbaits I got for him.  We didn't catch any fish, but as I was bringing in the lines I felt a little extra weight on one and brought it in gently.  Sure enough, a blue crab. A legal male too.  So I was set for dinner. I'd really like to take my uncle out in a bass boat in order to really show him how to catch some fish.

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#2 Oct-21-12 11:41AM

Northern Snakehead
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Re: Tidal Potomac 10/20

Surf and Surf for dinner...NICE!



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