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#1 Oct-07-12 11:11AM

Northern Snakehead
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Lake Fairfax 10/5 - Trout

It was a great day!

I was out there with a fellow angler, Troy S., at about 11am before they stocked the lake.

In the begging it wasn't going that well! I broke my rod tip and got skunked for the first 4 hours while everyone around me was reeling them in. lol
We were at the dam.

Then we saw a lot of action around the deck surprisingly, so I and another fisherman that I met that day went over and man was it a good location at the time. In less that 20 minutes I had caught three that were a really good size using trout magnet jig heads and power bait trout worms.

I stayed out until 6:30pm with Troy who was kind enough to lend me one of his rods after mine broke to try to max out for the day. The feeding frezy stopped and I was on the board with 3. Troy, being the generous guy he is, gave one of his fish to a family that got skunked and then when we were leaving gave his other 2 to me! So I ended up going home with 5! Chalk that day up as a good day with good people and some tasty fish.  Masgouf anyone?  big_smile


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