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#1 Oct-16-11 5:44PM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Sep-30-09
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NHBA Lake Anna 10/15

It was a last minute decision to ride down to Lake Anna early Saturday morning.  I only had to avoid two suicidal deer.   I teamed up with Wayne Turner this time.  It was my first time ever fishing Anna.  We headed to the lower end and started working our way to the shore and then along it.  Around 8:00 there were fishing busting the surface all around us.  We had had a good idea that it was stripers.   I confirmed it by getting the skunk off with a 16-incher or so on my trusty silver/green spoon.  Unfortunately they all disappeared shortly after that.

Wayne caught the first largemouth in the same general area.  Then we moved over to dike 3 and he landed a really good one missing an eye.  I think it was about 4lbs and probably the largest of the day.   I hooked non-keeper, also on the spoon, and it self-released.  We worked some other areas without anything to show for it.  Wayne did lose one at a dock, but was on the small side.  By mid-morning the wind was really howling and we headed back to the south shore.  Working in a relatively calm cove I decided  to try dragging a rage tail craw across the bottom.  I got a little bit of pressure on the rod and thought I had snagged some leaves or a stick.  I kept reeling and the pressure on the rod never changed.  But I did have a fish on after all, just came right to the boat with no real fight.  2lbs 5oz and my only keeper.  I did catch one other punk on a senko.

Wayne did something he never done before, he caught his limit of 5.  Before he had only managed three fish in a day.  He had the most weight for the day too so that was really cool.  I was pleased with my results too, with Anna having nicknames like "the dead sea" and "one fish Anna".  With just that single fish I placed 8th for Saturday.   

One another note, this year I've caught stripers in three completely different bodies of water.



#2 Oct-16-11 5:56PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: NHBA Lake Anna 10/15

Nice work T.! That lake has frustrated me at times but I did manage a limit once while fishing with Charlie.

Time to go fishin' again!



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