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#1 Jul-23-06 1:40PM

From: Ashburn VA
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7-23-06, Got 'em....finally!

Most of this year, I have been fishing Cedar Lake with a fly rod, mostly a 5 wt. Sometimes I use a heavier 6 wt to try for bass. But the biggest bass so far went 1.7 lb. I have caught many a blue gill all the way up too 1 lb and not quite 10".

Well today was something special. I fished in the mid PM for 1.5 hours and we had sunny skies and a slight breeze, temp was about 80. Perfect day!

Decided to use the 4 wt which is real light 7 1/2 footer. I was going after blue gill. The 1st 10 minutes of fishing produced nothing so I moved over near a willow tree that was giving the shore some shade. I started catching nice 6-8' blue gills and then something big slammed my white estaz fly with a green/silver mylar tail. That something big was a 10+" blue gill! I did not have the camera or the scale but this was the biggest blue gill I have ever caught on any weight fly rod. For the day, I caught 22 blue gills.

However, the bass were also hitting the estaz fly. The 1st one was a teeny 5 incher but then came one that was 12", and then another that was 12" and then one that was 13.5" and finally, the big one. A 2.2 pound, 17.5" largemouth took the fly and the fight was on. In the recent weeks, I have hooked several bigger bass but I have not been able to land them mostly due to my errors. Fly fishing ain't easy! But this time, the bass stayed on the fly and I was able to land him. I started yellin' for Curly since he had a scale, he was fishing the other end of the lake. I wanted to make sure I recorded this one.

Not a bad afternoon of bank fishing!

BTW, in the morning, Curly caught several largemouth bass while spin casting. One went 3+ lbs and the other one was over 4 lbs!


Time to go fishin' again!



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