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#1 Apr-03-10 2:10PM

Patagonian Toothfish
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DC Rockfish Opening Day 5-16-09

Photobucket is down right now so you'll have to wait for the PICS..  Was on the water fishing about 5:30 am and trying my luck with cut herring before the sun came up.  Only managed 2 cats and a 17.5" rockfish by 7:30.  Finally hooked and landed a 20" rock at arond 8 am and then nothing for the next hour.  The water was quite stained where I was and I decided to move to cleaner water.  Went downriver several miles and started to troll with (2) six-packs with twin buck tails.  Landed 7 fish in 30 minutes.  One was a nice 24" fish and put that one in the cooler with the 20" for dinner tonight.  Called Erine on the phone to come downriver to where I was catching them, but it sounded like he had his hands full with 5 in his boat over the phone.  ;D

I'll post PICS whenever photobucket finished its maintenence upgrade. 

Photobucket finally came back up.  tongue
Here is the 20" fish..............
and the 24" fish............. big_smile
Kiko did go to that spot later and pick up 3 throw-backs.....

Hell or High Water...........I'm Fishin!!   big_smile



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