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#1 Aug-26-06 4:14PM

From: Ashburn VA
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8-26-06 Potomac River fly fishing report

Carlos Maceo and I set out early this morning for Cobb Island to fly fish some familiar waters. Only trouble was that we had never fly fished the area before.

We put it at Shamansky’s before the sun came up and headed over to the VA side (6 mile run) where the blues and stripers had been reported. It was windy and a rough trip over but when we got there, we saw lots of birds working the area. It wasn’t a beehive but they were definitely diving! We fished sinking lines for about an hour and we got one hit! That’s all!

We left and ran into the trolling fleet mid river so we decided to give that a go (not trolling but sinking lines).  We saw tons of bait but few breaking fish and no birds. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and we headed off to familiar water….Swan Pt. There was a nice rip working and we started slinging the fly lines. Carlos managed to pick up a few white perch and I got zero! When Carlos told me he was hung up on a rock but I advised him that rocks don’t move and that he had a fish on. After walking around the boat, Carlos finally tired the 4.5 lb catfish. Nice battle on a 6 wt.

The perch action was really slow so we moved to the each portion of Swan Pt. When we got there, there were a few boats already here but they weren’t fishing. It turns out that 5-6 families were having a Caribbean cookout with steel drum music and all. Carlos and I beached the boat and started fishing from the shore. This is where we finally figured things out. In less than 2 hours, we caught 30+ stripers, 20+ white perch, 2 blue fish and a long and slimy houndfish (1st ever).

We picked p at 1 PM and headed in to Quades where Carlos got to sample Mrs. Quades incredible crab cakes.

Great day once we figured things out. Had a close call when Carlos snagged my shirt on a backcast but no pierced ear for me!


Time to go fishin' again!



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