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#1 Oct-31-19 11:43AM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
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10-30-19, "O"

This is probably the latest (a day late) that I've written a fishing report but it's been a busy 2-3 days. Lots of fishing and baseball!

Anyway, Mike came over at 6:40a and we were on the road to the big "O" in no time. As we got to the light, there was a line to get in. The gate was shut. Someone slept in!

We waited for a bit and now there was a line behind me (in the turn lane) so I decided to go talk to the person behind me. It happens that she was an employee and knew the combo so I asked her if she could open the gate, and she did. Now it's almost 8a.

We start loading and I get approached from behind and it was Tyler Folts who was there to fish with Matt McClusky. Both were alumni of the BRHS Fishing Club.

We slowly motored to  get past the No Wake zone and went to Location A.

Quickly, Mike took the skunk off.

Then I got a tap, set the hook and was greeted by this 11.5" yellow perch!

That got me exited especially when Mike said they are all over the place. Good sign!

We got another bite or two but we decided to move to Location B. High tide was just starting to ebb.

It did not take long and Mike hooked up. The fish surfed for a bit and spit the kook. It was an awesome sight but a disappointing result.

A few minutes later, he hooked up again.

And again...

Tyler and Matt came into Location B and we shared the place for a while.

They had a couple of nice ones as well.

It was not a great bite despite the falling tide, cloudy (but nice) weather etc. but we caught fish. What we did notice was a lot of bait in the water and that the fish that were caught were nice and plump. They are eating well in there!

Finally, I got my bass skunk off...

Both boats got off the water at roughly the same time (1:30p) and we had another great lunch at Brickmaker's Cafe. They are staring to spoil me. Fish for 5-6 hours and then a great lunch!

Time to go fishin' again!



#2 Oct-31-19 11:59AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Potomac River
Registered: May-06-08
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Re: 10-30-19, "O"

Good report..

Capt mike

Light Tackle Fishing Guide on the Potomac



#3 Oct-31-19 12:23PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Ashburn, VA
Registered: May-23-13
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Re: 10-30-19, "O"

Sounds like a good time.

Together we'll fight the long defeat.



#4 Oct-31-19 3:54PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Sterling
Registered: Jan-04-14
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Re: 10-30-19, "O"

Good stuff!  I will have my New River report up by tomorrow.  Just got back.  Long drive!

Always wishin' I was fishin'



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