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#1 Sep-03-19 3:10PM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
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9-3-19, Severn River

Today, Bob and I hit the Severn...way inside. Our quest for the 12"+ white perch continues.

The weather was nice...

...but there was some wind direction that I did not like. It had this letter...


Man, when will it change direction?

Anyway, we skipped 4-5 of the milk run places to get to Brewer Pond, one of my favorite places to fish.

Bob had warmed me that all of the Severn reports he has seen complain about lack of fish and an abundance of grass. That is exactly what we found in Brewer...and other places.

But we did manage to take our skunks off...

...and Bob caught a nice eater (10.5").

The pond was full of grass and made fishing tough although we managed around 10 perch. Time to move and barely get out due to the grass.

As we neared the other places I wanted to fish, we encountered working birds which were very teeny stripers, We caught a few and moved on.

I have no idea how they get this big boat in that little creek...

We then fished the mouth of Maynadier Creek and we caught 1-2 perch.

Next, we fished Hopkins Creek and we caught a few more perch and a couple of nice yellow perch (11.75")!

And a pickle!

We then headed back and hit Martin's Pond and it was looking grim. Not too much grass but hardly any perch in the normal spots. Finally, we hit an area where we picked off 25-30 or so perch including another 10.5"er.

Once that slowed up we toyed with hitting the radio towers but it was getting late and I didn't want to get stuck in traffic. So we went back into Spa Creek and hit a new place (Bob suggested the bridge and we started at the foot).

We immediately caught a few perch and Bob caught this baby speckled trout.

We now had 5 species (white perch, yellow perch, pickle, striper and speck).

Nice boat!

We tried the condo at the end and caught more perch and we ended it after Bob caught this guy!

It was really nice out but a little warmer and windier than they predicted. Still, no big rollers or chop except in front of the Naval Academy (washing machine).

For the SRKKC contest, I believe that Bob is in 1st place with 36" and I am in 3rd with 34", just .25" from 2nd. Bob also has big fish, I think. We need a few more big perch to seal the deal.

Time to go fishin' again!



#2 Sep-04-19 5:06AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Bealeton, VA
Registered: Mar-18-11
Posts: 959

Re: 9-3-19, Severn River

I bet not too many people have caught yellow perch and speckled trout on the same outing.

tight lines



#3 Sep-04-19 6:29AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Sterling
Registered: Jan-04-14
Posts: 1667

Re: 9-3-19, Severn River

Good job catching a mess of fish!  Nice variety!

Always wishin' I was fishin'



#4 Sep-04-19 6:52AM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Ashburn, VA
Registered: May-23-13
Posts: 1571

Re: 9-3-19, Severn River

Nice grab bag of fish!

Together we'll fight the long defeat.



#5 Sep-04-19 2:46PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Forestville, MD
Registered: Nov-16-07
Posts: 1081

Re: 9-3-19, Severn River

The very best part of the trip was that no fish had whiskers. Thanks again Ernie for another fun adventure.

20' Key West..16' C-Hawk...Hobie Pro Angler...Hobie Outback



#6 Sep-06-19 5:34AM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Jan-31-12
Posts: 1162

Re: 9-3-19, Severn River

Variety is the spice of life ...



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