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#1 Jun-19-17 12:10PM

Northern Snakehead
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Finally got the line wet

Havent fished with my brother in 2 years.  We both have youngins that prevent any free time, and any free time we have, we spend catching up on sleep.

regardless, got out yesterday to ashburn lake and bro was on point.  caught 12 fish in 3 hours.  all were fairly fat and healthy even though they were on the smaller side.  1 over 2lbs. i caught 3 and lost 3 to broken line.  Im guessing my line rotted over the 2 years in my garage.  any thoughts on that?

had a new first:

I hook a fish, as im bringing him in, my line snaps.   the line is laying on top of the water.  My brother quickly grabs it, and laughs. and the line moves.  He then reels in the line around his hands.  me there in shock with a rod i cant do anything with.  The first time i have ever caught half of a fish.

it was real good to get back on the water, and have a fairly eventful day.

The ashburn lake water is downright disgusting.  The question all morning was.  is it better to leave the fish slime on your hands after a release, or dip your hand in the oil slick covered pond...



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