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#1 Nov-17-13 5:45PM

Northern Snakehead
Registered: Sep-08-12
Posts: 104

Monster Koi foul-hooked

Threw lots of different baits this weekend but only managed 6 dink bass, all less than 2 lbs.  However, I foul-hooked this hefty Koi in the tail using an in-line spinner and had a blast trying to land the beast.  I didnt weigh the ugly mug but propbably around 15 lbs.  Took a good 10 minutes to land it.  Major rod bendage and good fun!



#2 Nov-18-13 4:00AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Stafford
Registered: Jan-12-12
Posts: 407

Re: Monster Koi foul-hooked

Wow!  What a beauty.  I guess that's why they cost so much money.  It looks like a huge beta fish with the big flaring fins.  awesome.



#3 Nov-19-13 4:36AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Alexandria
Registered: Dec-07-09
Posts: 503

Re: Monster Koi foul-hooked

I snagged that guy ober the summer with a Swimbait!



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