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#1 Jul-06-13 7:15PM

Northern Snakehead
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Monster catfish on a swimbait

Tossed a swimbait, jig, and wacky worm this afternoon and was only able to score a few medium size bass all less than 3 lbs.  However, this monster catfish slammed the swimbait near the surface in deep water.  Took me well over 5 minutes to land the slimey beast after at least a dozen runs back to deep water with a screaming drag.  Wouldnt you know my scale locked up (OK broke) while I was trying to pry it in her mouth, but I know it weighed at least 15 pounds.  Head was at least 10 inches wide and it was probably 30 inches long.  I never target catfish bc I hate to handle them, but it took all I had to land her to the shore on 8 lb fluorocarbon.

Big ole belly full of blue gill!

Had another first several weeks ago and actually caught a frog..............on a frog.  Crazy thing hit it twice.

Went to Bethany Beach, DE over the 4th of July week and took the Hobie out on Salt Pond for mostly sight-seeing and had my cousins take turns making wake, but fished light tackle and managed to land a dink fluke.

Also a few small croaker.

Awesome scenery with tons of osprey flying about and much needed R&R.



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