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#1 Dec-24-12 9:52PM

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Hello everyone! New Fisherman here!

Just wanted to take a few min to introduce myself incase you see me around the lakes. My name is Robert Crossett I'm 29 and live off Ringold Dr.

I started fishing a year ago and am trying to learn as much as I can.

Few questions to start:

1. I've seen a family not from Ashburn village fishing the Pavilion and carrying the fish to their car in a giant bag and drive off. (At least 5 different times) is this normal? I took a pic of the license plate and the owner lives in sterling.

2. Any other local hot spots I should look into fishing in the spring. (Heard Beaverdam is pretty good) anything else?

3. When does the lake get stocked with new fish?

Thanks for the answers and I am looking forward to joining the forums!




#2 Dec-25-12 7:24AM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: Hello everyone! New Fisherman here!

Welcome and Merry Christmas!!

1. Call  1-800-237-5712 and report what you have witnessed.

2. Beaverdam can be good and can humble you as well. once you read through some of the reports, you will find where the guys fish and catch. Our AV lakes are well stocked.

3. Nature generally takes care of this. The lakes have been stocked (many years ago) and we now put baifish in to sustain the population. No shortage of fish but they are getting smarter to our offerings (lures). Of course, poachers change the game and we unfortunately have some of that going on.

Time to go fishin' again!



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