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#1 Oct-17-12 5:43PM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Sep-30-09
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Beaverdam 10/17

After seeing both Dan and Bruce during a stop at Dick's on the way home, I got out on the reservoir around 4:15.  The water level is a little lower than the last time I was out there.

I started off in a cove checking out the various depths.  Nothing shallow but I was marking fish in 8-10'.  They weren't interested in a shaky head.  I headed to the east side and then to the north while trolling a bitsy minnow and Bomber A.  Once it got to about 4ft the Bomber was bouncing off the bottom constantly.  Then the bitsy minnow rod went tight and I thought it was snagged on rocks. Apparently not and as I started reeling it in I got a good view of it flying out of the water.
It put up the typical smallmouth fight.  Once I got it off I went back the opposite direction and got hooked up with the Bomber A but it got off. 

So then I headed to a spot that was productive one of my last times out.  A LMB with a fat belly liked my Bomber A.  What appeared to be the ends of some strands from a jig or spinnerbait skirt were visible in its throat.



#2 Oct-18-12 3:30AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Frederick, MD
Registered: Nov-12-11
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Re: Beaverdam 10/17

Nice fish. Looks like you put the new lure purchases to good use. Where did you launch from?



#3 Oct-18-12 5:40AM

Northern Snakehead
From: Centreville, VA
Registered: Sep-26-12
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Re: Beaverdam 10/17

Nice Report Troy... Your video cracked me up at about 00:50 "holy c*** thats a big fish!" LOL! lol

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