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#1 Sep-14-12 6:19PM

Patagonian Toothfish
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Beaverdam 9/12

The water was about a foot lower than my last time, about 5ft lower than full pool.  I hope this keeps up.  Probably Sunday I'm heading back and to the south shallows to take some pictures.

Right after launching I dropped a large tube down to check out some structure I was seeing and to try to drag up some grass.  It got nailed by a dink LMB.  I then tried the area around the peak along a submerged point- no takers.  I trolled the nearby flat and got a bluegill and some 8.5" perch (as big as they come here it seems). 

As it got later I headed to other side where the wind was blocked and the water was calm.  From the same spot I caught two LMB (senko), a green sunfish(senko), TWO! crappie (bitsy minnow) and had what was probably at least a 4lb catfish on until one of the trebles broke off the bitsy minnow.   This was first time I've ever caught more than one crappie, just catching one is rare.



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