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#1 Dec-22-07 5:16PM

From: Ashburn VA
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12-22-07, Lake Anna continues to frustrate me! least we did not get skunked on my boat!!

The story started last year when I started going down to Lake Anna to try to catch a striper. This is my 5th trip.....and I am still striperless. However, we have caught fish during the last 2 trips (making progress) and we have one more trip scheduled down there for Friday, Dec. 28.

I met up with Pete Maxwell at 7 AM in Fredericksburg and on to Lake Anna we went. We had a cloudy day with little or no wind (it did kick up later) but the air temps never went over the mid 40s. Still, it was relatively comfortable.

Today, we were going fly fishing!

Once we put in at Anna Point Marina we headed up towards the "splits" but we saw no birds working so we continued up and finally found some circling birds. And circle they do...that's all they do! All day long, these Lake Anna birds would circle an area and once in a great while, one of them would make a half feeble dive. Ridiculous!! But we did find some good marks near a point and Pete got in to something nice!

He fought him and brought him to the boat....we thought it was a striper due to its light color.....

....but it turned out to be a very light largemouth bass that was about 2.5 pounds. OK...skunk off!!

We then motored up and down the lake burning gas but looking for working birds. We never really found them so we went back up to the splits where there were a few (2 bass boats, 1 pontoon boat and a kayak) folks working the bottom or live bait fishing.

All of the sudden, Pete gets a violent hit and starts to fight the monster!!

Nice fish!!

Well....nice white perch!

At least Pete had some pullage....which is more than what I can say for me. Regardless of the outcome, it was great to be out on the water just 3 days before Christmas!


Time to go fishin' again!



#2 Dec-23-07 4:52AM

jumping jasper
Patagonian Toothfish
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Re: 12-22-07, Lake Anna continues to frustrate me!

Sounds a lot better then going to the mall. Good luck on the 28th




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