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#1 Dec-08-07 6:33PM

From: Ashburn VA
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12-8-07, Chesapeake Bay report

This is a trip that I have been looking forward to for a few weeks! We were supposed to go last but we were blown out. Today, it was a spectacular day on the water! I left the house at 0430 (in the rain/sleet) and drove the 110 miles to Pt. Lookout MD to meet up with Capt. Jeff Hammett to fish on his 35' Evans bay built boat. Joining the crew were Foster Auringer, Ron Willett and Russ Sullivan. This crew is very experienced and all of us own boats.

The rain had let up to just sprinkles when we got on the boat and the temperature was in the low 40s.  The trip from Smith Creek to the fishing grounds (middle of the bay) took about an hour (15 miles), the water was slick looked like a lake! About 20 minutes after we had lines out...BAM...we got our 1st fish which was reeled in by Russ Sullivan. A few minutes later, one of the roof rods goes off and Foster was having a good time...... he reeled in this nice one.......

.....a 41" fat boy!

Nice eye!

After things settled, the dummy line went off and it was my turn to reel one in.....except there is no rod and reel with a dummy line. It's a long cord/line with a 5 lb weight and then the parachute bucktail hangs off the end. This is mano a bring it in by hand! How cool to hand line a 35" striper!

Not to be outdone, Ron Willett took the next one which was close to 40"!!

Finally, the Captain got a shot and he brought in this nice fish......

......which he immediately released saying, "don't worry, there are bigger ones out here", and sure enough, the next one was bigger and meaner! Russ got to reel him in!

I have fished many time with Jeff and he is GOOD! He is very patient but very knowledgeable. if you ever want/need a charter captain for the bay or lower Potomac, you must hire Jeff!

Another great day out on the water.


Time to go fishin' again!



#2 Dec-10-07 1:41PM

Northern Snakehead
From: Shenandoah Valley
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Re: 12-8-07, Chesapeake Bay report

ernie, you shoulda made Jeff bring in the dummy line!

looks like a good day to me!

now it's yesterday! roll



#3 Dec-10-07 2:09PM

Bass Hunter
Northern Snakehead
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Re: 12-8-07, Chesapeake Bay report


Nice sized rocks!! Looks like you guys had a blast..




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