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#1 Jan-02-12 10:43AM

Patagonian Toothfish
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Last bass of 2011

I went to place I went last winter but this time I launched from a different location to see if it was possible.  It was though some higher water would've been nice.   The fish were active and I saw quite a few bass, some must've been at least 4lbs.  A small gold kastmaster spoon was getting hit by a ton of fish before one finally hooked up.  A bunch of bass followed it back to me.

But on subsequent casts nothing wanted it.  I switched to a 1/3oz spoon and connected again, but it was a ~4-5lb carp snagged on its gill cover.  It got off just before I was able to net it.  Then I hooked up with a nice yellow perch but got off too.   I tried swimbaits and senkos too but nothing was interested.

I wasn't there for long since I wanted to head down to Occoquan with a stop at Ikea too.  Crossing the Occoquan on 123 I could see it was pretty muddy and the wind was picking up too.  With my time limited I didn't bother to stop.



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