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#1 Oct-18-10 7:18PM

Patagonian Toothfish
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Beaverdam 10/16-17

I went out late on Saturday primarily to set three jugs, two with perch, one with chicken scraps.  The wind had died down some and I made some casts.   Nothing was biting though.  I came back at sunrise on Sunday, a beautiful and calm morning.

There was one other guy, Jason, who was getting ready to launch.  He said it was his first time there.  He headed south and when he came up my way later he mentioned catching a smallie and crappie.

I headed to the drop off area in the upper part of the res where I set my jugs.  All three were about where I left them and there weren't any obvious signs of a fish on, at least no a big one.  The water was completely calm and one jug looked to be moving a little.  I started pulling in that line and it felt kind of like it was hung up.  It was actually this small yellow bullhead.  I didn't realize there were any of these in here.  All the cats I've caught have been channels.

Nothing on the other jugs.  There was lots of fish activity all around me.  A decent size bass surfaced nearby, seemingly to taunt me.  I may have had it one video, but that video got corrupted. About then is when I decided to put on my Bomber A.  First cast got this dink.

I thought I was on to something.  Nope.  A long time and a lot of paddling around passed before I could get anything else.  A WP and an even smaller LMB from the rock wall area.

Eventually the wind returned and I left around 2pm.  Here's a sample video.  No fish caught with it recording.  The camera is velcroed to the underside of the bill of my hat.  I wish the field of view was wider, but the aim works out to be a decent view otherwise.



#2 Oct-21-10 6:47PM

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Re: Beaverdam 10/16-17

Wow nice job. Never knew there were any bullheads in there.

Through the picture it looks like that cat inhaled your bait. I'd suggest dropping jugs at a shorter length than the actual depth. Reason being, the hook gets set quicker with the resistance to the jug rather than having slack in your line where the fish has time to swallow your bait.

However, if you plan on keeping your fish, the longer your line is to the depth, the less likely she's getting off.



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