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#1 Sep-03-07 2:36PM

From: Ashburn VA
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9-3-07, Upper Potomac report + pics!

Hershel Finch......

....and I floated from Brunswick.... Lander this morning. We put in a little after 8 AM and started the float (I was in my kayak). We both started throwing buzz baits but we got no hits so I switched over to a hand made natural/white 4" soft plastic bait courtesy of Jeff Little (

Immediately I got the skunk off the boat with a nice little sunny and a few minutes later an 8" smallie took the offering. It was nice to get a fight on the rod!

After that, things were pretty slow and I tried to remember all of the lessons form the pros like Mark Kovach, Beau Beasley and Jeff Little etc.

I was coming up on a "seam" so I threw out the anchor (3 lb dumbbell) and started to work the area. I got hit by an 8" smallie and the lesson plan worked! But that was just the beginning! I worked that area for a few minutes with the same bait (1/16 bullet weight and pink bead). All of the sudden a 12 incher jumps on. Then a 13 incher....

....and then a 13.5 incher and then another 13.5 incher!

I must have worn the hole out because I had no more takers after those five! These 13+" fish were fighters and I cannot remember having that much fun in the upper river. It was excellent!

As we were heading back, I had switched to a little darker color (same type bait) and a very nice 14" smallie hit and ran! It was a great fight with 4-5 spectacular jumps. What a rush!

Today was the best smallie day since the 80's! Of course I haven't fished the Upper Potomac much since then (3 times in the last 2 years and maybe 6 times in the last 10!).

In total, I landed 7 smallies!  One was 14" and fat, 2 were 13.5, one 13 and one 12. The other two were 8" or so.

While not a great day in numbers (Hershel only managed three small ones), it excites me since those guys will grow up soon! They were very healthy.

We were off the water at 1:30 PM (a little later than planned). This is a MUST float!! Another beautiful day on the water!


Time to go fishin' again!



#2 Sep-04-07 11:42AM

jumping jasper
Patagonian Toothfish
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Re: 9-3-07, Upper Potomac report + pics!

Nice pics and fish. The fishing will get even better this fall.




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