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#1 Oct-08-10 8:40AM

Northern Snakehead
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Algokian Fishing & Underwater Video - Hello from Chantilly

Hi my name is Joe An. I am a die-hard fisherman and love water activities. I used to own a boat, fished the Chesapeake Bay for 20+ years. Several years ago I switched to kayak-fishing. I kayak-fish Florida and Caribbean whenever I take vacations. I love to scuba-diving and free-diving. I spear-fish only when I free-diving in the saltwater. I fish mainly in the upper-mid Chesapeake River. In winter, I fish Lake Anna or Norfolk area where the power plants are.

Recently I started freshwater fishing in the local water again because of my crazy work schedule. I am not a good freshwater fisherman. I am learning freshwater fishing and I am into it.

I found that one of my video of Algonkian River was on this sub-forum.  Here is the second (the last for this year) compilation of 4 trips: … u_in_order

Beaver Dam fishing video oneday: … u_in_order

p.s. I don't reveal honey spots if I learned  by my friends. But if I find the spot by myself, I share the info.



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#2 Oct-08-10 12:09PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: Algokian Fishing & Underwater Video - Hello from Chantilly

Awesome! Welcome Joe!

Time to go fishin' again!



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