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#1 Nov-25-09 6:58PM

Dominion Dan
Patagonian Toothfish
From: Falls Church, VA
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THE LAND part 2

Carl invited myself and my snakehead/largemouth fishing buddy Thai down to the property yesterday to do some fishing. We were hoping to be able to catch some monster bluegills, lunker bass, and a few catfish to take home for a fish fry. First we stopped by Carl's old pond. We fished it for about 5 minutes before I caught a 3lb 12oz bass on a 3/8oz black and blue jig off a log. We stayed on Carl's pond for a while but struggled to find anymore fish so we decided to do some more shooting.

This time Carl brought a .22 and a .223. Brad, the current owner of THE LAND provided his own 30-06 for us to shoot, along with some shooting instruction. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm very grateful for whatever rare times I get to shoot targets. I really enjoy doing it so I'm very thankful to Carl for providing me with the opportunity. I think I like Carl's .223 the best but it was fun to shoot a bigger caliber for the first time although I don't think I'd want to shoot that 30-06 too many times in one sitting. I know Thai had a great time shooting as well. I don't believe he had ever shot rifles before that. I can admit that he had a VERY nice shot with the 30-06 that made me a little envious...

After our target practice we went over to a pond that is owned by one of Carl's friends. Carl got on to the bluegill very quickly. I think by the time I had walked around the pond and back to him he said he had caught over 10! He also lost a catfish that grabbed his bait and then took it into a hole or something. I walked all the way around to the other side of the pond with the bail open but the darn fish just did not want to come out. From what I saw, the catfish in that pond were skillful hot-dog thieves.

Thai also managed to find bass interested in chasing down a spinnerbait. I think he ended up with 4 fish that were under 2lbs each. I ended up catching another fish on a spinnerbait before we called it a day. Overall, we caught some good fish but none that we wanted to bring back to Fairfax.

Thank you for taking us, Carl. I know that Thai had a great time and I'm glad to finally introduce you two properly. I've talked so much to each of you about the other so I'm glad that now my stories and reports will be a bit more personal for each of you.

Here's a picture of the big fish:



#2 Nov-25-09 7:27PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: THE LAND part 2

Excellent......brings back lots of great memories!

Time to go fishin' again!



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