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Charlie NHBA
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Weekly Fishing Report - September 9, 2009

FISHING REPORT                          By Charlie Taylor

       Potomac River Tide Information                           Twilight
         High Point, Occoquan River                                Hours
  Day            Date     High      Low     High     Low      A.M.    P.M.
Wednesday   9/09     0917    1552    2128    0400     0619    1953
Thursday      9/10     1003    1636    2218    0448     0620    1952
Friday           9/11     1058    1729    2315    0543     0620    1950
Saturday      9/12     1206    1831    - - -     0649     0621    1948
Sunday        9/13     1324    1944    0024    0801     0622    1947
Monday        9/14     1438    2103    0143    0909     0623    1945
Tuesday       9/15     1542    2216    0300    1011     0624    1944
Wednesday  9/16     1638    2320    0405    1106     0625    1942
Thursday     9/17     1729    - - -      0501    1156    0626    1940
Friday          9/18     1817    0018    0553    1243     0627    1939
Saturday      9/19     1902    0111    0642    1327     0628    1937
Sunday        9/20     1947    0201    0730    1410     0629    1936

POTOMAC RIVER - D.C. - Smallmouth and largemouth bass are being taken from
the Virginia shoreline above Key Bridge on crankbaits and spinnerbaits, but
patience is required. Catfish are thick throughout the area, taking cut bait
and clam snouts. Crappie are schooled up and biting aggressively on small
minnows. In the city, bass are holding on main river structure. Crankbaits and
plastic worms are the preferred baits. Some fish are available on outgoing
tides on the grass bed along the Fort McNair seawall in Washington Channel.
Plastic worms, spinnerbaits and topwater frogs are the preferred baits.

POTOMAC RIVER - BELOW WOODROW WILSON BRIDGE - Most of the bass action is on
main river cover, although the middle of the creeks should be holding many
bass as well. The fish are orienting to points, lily pads, grass beds and
submerged wood. Small crankbaits, Senkos and floating plastic worms are the
baits of choice. Main river bass are holding on wood cover, dropoffs, points
and in grassbeds. Crappie are schooled in the creeks, with live minnows and
tiny jigs taking good stringers. Stripers are cruising all over the river. Any
crankbait or spinnerbait, fished on the main river, is liable to be slammed by
a foraging striper or blue catfish. The salt wedge has moved a considerable
way up the river, so expect crabs when fishing plastics.

OCCOQUAN RIVER - Bass action is picking up, with fish holding on submerged
wood and points. Crankbaits, Silver Buddies and plastic worms are the
preferred baits. Catfish action is slow, but crappie are schooled and holding
on boat docks in the back of the river. Stripers are available in the back of
the river on crankbaits, bucktails and Sassy Shads.

OCCOQUAN RESERVOIR - Bass are holding in the main channel, adjacent to points
and rock walls. When they move onto the points and walls to feed, they may be
caught on crankbaits, plastic worms and jig 'n pig. Crappie are schooled up
and biting well on small minnows and tiny jigs. Catfish are taking
nightcrawlers, cut shad and clam snouts, but action is slowing for the year.

BURKE LAKE - Bass are attacking crankbaits viciously, when retrieved down the
dropoffs adjacent to the grassbeds and brushpiles. Plastic worms and jig 'n
pig are taking the fish on points. Nightcrawler or minnow-tipped jigs, worked
slowly across the bottom, near the dam, can result in some nice walleye being
taken. Crappie are thick and biting well on small minnows. Catfish action has
slowed considerably.

POTOMAC RIVER - UPPER - Smallmouth bass are biting on small crankbaits, tubes,
Senkos, and plastic grubs, fished in the holes in the middle of the river.
A topwater bite is available early and late in the day along the banks.
Crappie are beginning to school at the creek mouths, while catfish are taking
cut bait, live minnows, and nightcrawlers, in the main channel.

RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER - Lots of largemouth bass action near the city, in the
tidal section, on shad-colored crankbaits and plastic worms. The fish are
holding in the blowdowns on the South shoreline and the creek mouths and guts
off the main river. Catfish are taking cut shad or clam snouts in the main
river channel. Crappie are schooled around submerged brush in 12-18 feet of
water. Above the city, smallmouth bass are taking plastic grubs and small
topwater baits when the water clears enough to fish.

SHENANDOAH RIVER - Bass, sunfish and catfish action is slow, but some fish are
being caught. Small crankbaits, plastic grubs, topwaters and small
spinnerbaits are the key here.

MATTAPONI/PAMUNKEY RIVERS - Lower temperatures have started fish feeding
heavily. Bass, pickerel, yellow perch, bluegill, catfish, gar and bowfin are
the usual catch. Better choice of baits include spinners, stick baits, plastic
worms and peeler crab. The lower ends of the rivers are giving up lots of

LAKE ANNA - Bass are moving to the back of the creeks and coves, holding on
cover with deep water access. Topwater baits are working well, early and late
in the day, while crankbaits, plastic worms, grubs and jig 'n pig baits are
taking fish in 12-18 feet of water when the sun is high. An excellent pattern
is to fish plastic worms on main lake and secondary points. Select those
points that drop off into deep water and contain brush or rocks. If grass is
present, fish the worms from the bank to the edge of the grass beds. Most of
the hits will come as the worm is pulled out of the grass edges. Crappie are
schooling around bridge pilings. Stripers are becoming active around Stubbs
Bridge and Jetts Island. Live shad is the bait of choice, although topwaters
are taking the big fish, early and late in the day.

JAMES RIVER - Some smallmouth bass are taking motor oil or smoke grubs,
Rapalas and Tiny Torpedos. Mad toms are also working well. Catfish action is
red hot. Below the city, crankbaits, fished around shoreline structure, are
taking good numbers of bass, as are jig 'n pigs and plastic worms, fished on
deep structure. Catfish are being caught in the main river channel on cut
shad. The creeks are giving up bass on plastic worms, topwater baits and small
crankbaits. Crappie are beginning to turn on in the barge and gravel pits on
live minnows and tiny jigs.

LAKE CHESDIN - Crappie fishing is excellent. Catfish are taking liver and
nightcrawlers. Bass are taking plastic worms, jig 'n pig and crankbaits. Some
stripers are showing.

CHICKAHOMINY RIVER - Topwater baits, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, worked along
the grassbed edges, are accounting for good numbers of bass, while plastic
worms and Zoom Flukes are taking the fish back in the pads on incoming tides.
Zoom Horny Toads and floating worms, fished over the hydrilla beds, are taking
some bass, particularly when the grass is in three feet or more of water.
Crappie fishing is excellent around submerged brush and in creek mouths.
Catfishing remains excellent on nightcrawlers, turtle livers and clam snouts.

CHICKAHOMINY LAKE - Live minnows, buzzbaits, and crankbaits are the prime
baits in this lake, as the bass, bowfin and pickerel are feeding heavily. Zoom
Horny Toads, worked across the thickest grassbeds in the lake, will produce
good bass for patient anglers. Anglers working the baits along the vegetation
edges are taking good stringers of fish. Plastic worms and grubs are also
taking fish, when worked through the lily pads and submerged brush. Catfish
are active, taking clam snouts and live minnows.

LITTLE CREEK RESERVOIR - Stripers are drawing most of the attention, but
crappie, yellow perch and catfish, along with some large bass and pickerel
are the main catch here. Topwater lures are producing the big bass and

BACK BAY - Yellow and white perch, catfish, crappie and bass are available in
the creeks, along with lots of small stripers.

SUFFOLK LAKES - Even though the water levels are low, some nice fish are being
caught. Bream and crappie are very active, taking crickets and red wigglers.
Lots of bass, to six pounds, are being caught on topwater baits, plastic worms
and crankbaits. Stripers are very active, taking Shad Raps, Rat-L-Traps and
jumbo minnows. Catfish are taking cut squid and live bait.

LAKE GASTON - Crappie are holding in 12-15 feet of water, hitting live minnows
and tiny jigs. Largemouth bass are holding on main lake points and boat docks,
adjacent to creek channels. Uplake, the fish are generally in 6-10 feet of
water, while they are a little deeper downlake. Crankbaits, plastic worms and
jig 'n pig baits are the choice, although topwaters, fished early and late in
the day, are accounting for their share of fish. Stripers are suckers for
trolled baits and the one ounce Cordell Hot Spot, near the dam. White perch
are taking jigged Hopkins spoons at creek mouths.

BUGGS ISLAND LAKE - When fish are found, anglers can load the boat, but
finding them is the trick. Best action seems to be centered around the points
halfway back in the creeks and in the edges of the flooded cover in the coves.
Spinnerbaits, plastic worms and jig 'n pig are taking most of the fish,
although topwater baits are accounting for some fish early and late in the

catfish, numerous bass and crappie are being caught.

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE - Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are being caught by
anglers fishing topwaters, plastic worms and jumbo minnows around boat docks,
adjacent to deep banks. Stripers are taking live shad and bucktails above and
below the "S" turns on the Roanoke arm and around the mouth of Gill's Creek on
the Blackwater arm. Fish the bucktails in 8-12 feet of water. Topwater lures
are also taking stripers early and late, from Hales Ford Bridge uplake. The
fish are also being caught trolling, on Sutton spoons, Sassy Shads and Little
Macs. Good numbers of 14-19 pound stripers are also being caught by jigging
Pet Spoons in 50 feet of water off main channel points.

LEESVILLE RESERVOIR - Largemouth bass are hitting with regularity on
crankbaits and plastic worms, while white bass schools are attacking small
spinners, jigs and crankbaits. Anglers are catching a few stripers by trolling
over the points and fishing live shad in coves, but action is not consistent.
Walleye anglers are taking good stringers, fishing live minnows on the bottom.

LAKE MOOMAW - Bass action is picking up. More successful anglers are fishing
topwater baits early and late in the day over main lake points and live
minnows when the sun is high. Ringworms, fished in 18-20 feet of water, are
also producing bass. Trout action is off. Some catfish are being taken, along
with large bluegill. The 'gills are located in 20-30 feet of water.

PHILPOTT LAKE - Crappie are the big news here. Schools of 1-2 pound fish are
being found moving downlake in mid-channel. Live minnows are the preferred
bait. Walleye are also biting well. Nightcrawlers and minnows, slowly drifted
across points, are taking 4-7 pound fish. Smallmouth bass fishing is
improving. The Smith River is producing small fish on bluewing olives in sizes

NEW RIVER - Some good smallmouth bass and catfish are being taken, along with
some small muskies.

SOUTH HOLSTON RESERVOIR - Crappie fishing is excellent on fly and minnow
combinations. Bass are biting well on rocky points, on spinnerbaits,
crankbaits and plastic worms. Catfish action is picking up at the mouths of
coves on stinkbaits. Walleye anglers are catching a few fish by trolling.
CLAYTOR LAKE - Lots of catfish and a few crappie are being caught. Some trophy
smallmouth bass are being taken on topwaters and spinnerbaits. White bass are
schooling in Peak Creek.

TROUT STREAMS - Most streams throughout the state are in good shape. Few
anglers are reported, but those fishing, are catching fish.


CHINCOTEAGUE - Snapper bluefish, flounder, weakfish, blowfish and sea bass are
the catch by bottom fishermen. Fair numbers of croaker remain at Turner's
Lump, along with some pan trout. Offshore, fair numbers of yellowfin tuna,
dolphin and white marlin are available in 30+ fathoms of water, while
shallower water holds plenty of false albacore, skipjack tuna and Atlantic
Bonito. Sea bass and tautog action is improving on the inshore wrecks. Red
drum action is good in the Assateague Island surf.

WACHAPREAGUE - Several large flounder have been caught in the past few days,
with the best catches coming from around the mouth of the inlet and along the
channel in front of the Coast Guard station. Offshore boats are finding
Yellowfin tuna just east of the 21 Mile Hill, along with a mixture of white
marlin, wahoo and dolphin at the Washington Lumps and Washington Canyon.

ONANCOCK - Excellent bottom fishing in Pocomoke Sound. Large spot are found in
20-50 feet of water. Mixed in with the spot are blowfish, sea mullet, porgy
and taylor blues. A few croaker remain. Flounder are still available, biting
fresh cut spot, drifted along channel drop-offs. Peeler crab baits, fished
around the islands and marshes outside the harbor, are being taken by speckled
trout and red drum.

QUINBY - Excellent bottom fishing for 1-2 pound trout, with the best action
being along Eggen Marsh, where spot, mullet, sea bass and taylor blues also
provide steady action. Some anglers are anchoring, while others are drifting
the squid strips. Large flounder are surprising bottom anglers.

CAPE CHARLES - Fair numbers of red drum are available in the C-10 area, while
fair numbers of croaker and spot are being caught around C-12 and the
Artificial Reef. Flounder fishing remains consistent from C-10 to the Cement
Ships, but lots are small. Grey trout, 2-4 pounds, are showing in the
deepwater channels outside Oyster. Speckled trout are biting well in the
creeks. Seaside, muddy water conditions prevail, but trout to six pounds were
caught, along with hogfish, big spot and croaker.

LOWER CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Good catches of flounder, croaker and spot are
being taken from all the rock islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
Several red drum have also been landed around the Second Island. Inside
Lynnhaven Inlet, some flounder, croaker and speckled trout are available. The
Fourth Island is yielding taylor blues, triggerfish and sea bass, in addition
to the flounder. Excellent large spot and croaker action is available just off
Factory Point and at the entrance to the Salt Ponds. Twin Stakes anglers
report excellent bottom fishing for porgy, sea mullet, croaker and an
abundance of "yellow-bellied" spot. Good bottom fishing for spot and croaker
in the Small Boat Channel, located just off Back River. Some grey trout are
showing around Thimble Shoal Light, while flounder action has been best on
Plum Tree Bar and around Forts Wool and Monroe. Spot and croaker are also
available off Cheatham Annex. The York Spit area is good for taylor blues,
while speckled trout are hitting inside Mobjack Bay, around the mouths of the
Ware and North Rivers. Cobia are still thick throughout the area, with
Bluefish Rock, most bridge pilings and lower bay buoys prime spots. 

MIDDLE CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Excellent spot and croaker action at Blackberry
Hang, Bluff Point and the Great Wicomico Light. Chummers on the SW
Middlegrounds are catching limits of blues to five pounds, limits of stripers
to 20 pounds and plenty of keeper flounder on slack tides. Limit catches of
Spanish mackerel are being made around Smith Point, in the Cut Channel and
around Buoy 62. Good catches of large spot and sea mullet at buoy 79. Some
flounder remain around the Smith Point Jetty. Mosquito Point and the R-5 buoy
area are favored locations for bottom fishermen this past week. Good speckled
trout action has returned to Windmill Point and Hole-in-the-Wall. Large spot
are tightly schooled and moving all the time, but anglers are loading up at
the mouth of Locklies Creek and at Bowlers Light.

UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA - Taylor blues, 2-5 pounds, are being caught at
Stone Rock and the Sharps Island flats, trolling surgical eels. Spike trout
are in the Choptank River, near Chlora Point. Peelers and cut spot produce
best. Snapper bluefish are breaking throughout the upper bay, and at the
mouths of the Severn and Chester Rivers. White perch, to 12 inches are being
caught at the Bay Bridges, Mountain Point bar, Key Bridge, Carroll Island,
Hart-Miller Island, Love Point and at creek mouths and oyster bars in the
Chester River. Small grey trout are spotty along the Kent Island shoreline.
Trolling bucktails, tipped with crab, is the better method.

OCEAN CITY - Flounder are being found near the inlet, off the Route 50 Bridge
and the Ocean Pier. Best baits are minnows, cut spot and squid. Snapper
bluefish have moved into the Inlet, where cut baits and small spoons are
taking the fish. Trout fishing is improving daily, as the water clears, but
most are undersized. Surf anglers are fishing cut mullet to fill coolers with
2-3 pound bluefish. Offshore anglers are taking white marlin, dolphin,
yellowfin tuna and wahoo in the Canyons.

VIRGINIA BEACH - Offshore boats are finding yellowfin and bluefin tuna, and
dolphin action in the vicinity of the Cigar. Plenty of white marlin are also
available, blind trolling, with catches of up to nine to the boat reported.
Inshore, skipjack tuna, false albacore and a few king mackerel are being
caught, with fish showing from the CB Line to the Tower Reef to south of
Sandbridge. Amberjack remain plentiful at the Tower Reef.


OCEANVIEW - Spot and croaker dominate the catches, with lots of snapper
bluefish and a few small pan trout.

LYNNHAVEN - Action is slow, with sporadic catches of spot, bluefish and
croaker. Some puppy drum and speckled trout at night. Northeast winds produce
better fishing.

VIRGINIA BEACH - Large spot and croaker, snapper blues, sea mullet and pompano
for bottom anglers, while casters are finding speckled trout to four pounds. A
few puppy drum and several stripers are also being caught.

SANDBRIDGE - Lots of sea mullet, bluefish and spot, with a few puppy drum and
Spanish mackeral also being caught.

OUTER BANKS, N.C. - Large spot provide good action for pier anglers, along
with a few puppy drum to 10 pounds, taylor blues, sea mullet and Spanish
mackerel. Some nice catches of large croaker are made at the inlet, where surf
anglers are also taking 5-15 pound red drum in the evenings. The Little Bridge
to Manteo is yielding a few speckled trout and taylor blues. Offshore, dolphin
fishing is good, billfish action above average and tuna catches excellent.
Most of the tuna are yellowfin, although a dozen bigeye tuna over the 125
pound mark were taken this past week. Most of the tuna action is centered east
of the 70 Degree Tower, near the Triple 0's. Inshore charters are taking limit
catches of Spanish mackerel, plus taylor blues, around the mouth of the inlet.
Live bait anglers have good success drifting between Jennette's and Outer
Banks piers for king mackerel to 20 pounds. Headboats are making consistent
catches of croaker, sea mullet, triggerfish, sea bass and pigfish on rough
bottom just outside the inlet.

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