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#1 Aug-22-09 9:01AM

Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Feb-24-09
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goose creek

no real excitement, but it is quiet on the board so i will drop this note,

i went to the creek yesterdqay w/ my daughter.

it hasnt rained it weeks , but you know what happened.

i was catching little smallies on a 3" senko when it started to pour

i forgot how much fun this sort of thing can be
the little guys made a good show, and had very full tummies

so in a downpour i relented and took the girl home
would have kept on had i been alone

went back toward evening myself

the feeders had begun spewing muddy runoff into the main

i hoped for action in these areas, but maybe the mud drives out the smallies, because little was to be had.

the water rose noticeably while i was there.

the falls at kipheardts  (sp?) landing went from a leaky faucet to a twinkling symphony.

i only had senko's as i roved for action

suprisingly a couple teen ladies showed up w/ fishing rods.
one wore a headwrap likeof  a mid east, indian sort.

so these two ladies start wading w/ spinning rods.

my luck is not so hot so i watch to see if i can learn anything

one was adept, the other straight novice.

i started jerking the fat senko's through fast water.
this produced some solid hits

an eight inch smallie really packs a load

a black, rotten cloud suddenly looms
i throw another cast before it is clear time is up.

i am thinking jeez, this is like tornado class disturbance.

the girls hurry out as well

i am torn b/t offering them assistance and worried they might think i am a creep

finally i ask if they are ok, as i am climbing in my truck, and they are on bicycles

they say fine but i worry anyway

the wind is howling and i think the top is gonna blow off any second

i drive away and it is so dark i can hardly see. the rain and diffuse light portend doom

as i come out of the basin and toward evans ridge, i see the worst is north.

i know somebody up there is getting pounded

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#2 Aug-22-09 9:16AM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
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Re: goose creek

Goose Creek smallies are fighters!

Those nasty clouds stretched all the way to NY where I was yesterday.....forced me to rent a car and drive the 270 miles home. My flight, which was originally at 2:30, finally took off at 11:01 last night.....I was happily asleep at that my bed!

Time to go fishin' again!



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