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#1 May-26-07 10:53AM

From: Ashburn VA
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5-26-07, morning Cedar Lake report

This morning, I decided to give the kayak a try (1st time in the water) as it was great weather. I put in at Rojas Marina at 0915 and off I went with a 6 wt fly rod. There was a light chop (2") and the wind was blowing 5-7 kts.

I started at the lily pads and on the 3rd cast a little 8" bass inhaled my fly. Kayak skunk is off! I caught a few big blue gills and a couple pf crappie at the same spot. Then I moved down to Richard's cove but that was a disaster. I could see tons of bass and blue gills but the cove was choked with algae (under the surface). I had to clean my fly after every cast. Not good but I did manage on nice blue gill there.

I then worked the south coast and picked up a few small bass, some nice blue gills and another crappie.

After a bit of paddling to get some cardio in, I decided to try the spillway. I put on a bigger fly and made a pro like cast along side the big structure. Suddenly, my fly gets slammed and that's when it all broke loose. I tried to set the hook but then I remembered that I was fly fishing and the hookset is different. So now I have loose line and I am trying to get Bubba on the reel. It was not going to happen with the mess I was making. This was a big fish and more than likely, it was one of the big channel cats that live in Cedar. I will go back to try to get him another day.

After that debacle, I settled in at the rock behind my house and caught many more blue gills and bass including a couple that were between 1-2 lbs.

Right before I came in, I got an unexpected show. A big carp did three rolls right in front of me, no further than 3 feet away, he was having fun.

When I came in, I could not believe that it was 1215. I was out there 3 hours! With gas prices over $3.10, I may be doing a whole lot more of this yak fishing. It was a blast!


PS- Sorry but no pictures, I need to learn to get stable on the yak before the camera comes aboard.

Time to go fishin' again!



#2 May-26-07 10:59AM

jumping jasper
Patagonian Toothfish
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Re: 5-26-07, morning Cedar Lake report

Glad to hear you didn't get wet!




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