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#1 May-20-07 5:14PM

From: Ashburn VA
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5-19-07, Cedar Lake report

The algae is bad, bad and more bad!

I finally got a 30 minute window and fished the pond with a 6 wt fly rod. Four cats in, I nailed a nice 1.3 lb bass (pix to follow when PC gets fixed). Then I caught a very dark blue gill (warmouth?) with bright yellow on the fin tips. I was using a 2" blue/white clouser....this fish was 3.5 inches. What are they thinking when they hit that?

A few minutes later, I dangled the clouser in front of a nice 2 pounder and he took the hint. A nice fight ensued including some acrobatics. Then he got into the algae and when I had him on the bank, I shook the algae off and the hook had come off so he swam away.

Nice evening!

Soon, I will have the kayak out for a sea trial. I expect to use it lots (easy on the knees).


Time to go fishin' again!



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