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#1 Nov-10-06 4:35PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Veteran's Day (11/10) DC fishing report

We got a late start because I had to get the boat in the morning plus we had to coordinate two boats and 6 fishermen but who cares!

The two boats headed over to the Washington Channel. My crew was going after stripers and Kyle Hoffman and Gene Lyons went searching for largemouth bass.

We made 4-5  passes with no hits and I was getting nervous so I called Curly for some advice. As soon as the phone started ringing, BAM...a rod goes down and I put the phone down.  Alberto Dib landed a nice 23" striper and we put it in the live well! I went to call Curly back and realized that the phone line was still open and Curly heard by play!

We continued to troll the Rebel brokenbacks and another rod went down, this time, John Wiger landed a largemouth bass!

Another 30 minutes or so went by before we got striper # 2, Kent Williams pulled in a 22incher! Then we waited another 45 minutes and I got a hit but I thought it was a medium sized kitty but it turned out to be a 21" striper that had one of the hooks on his dorsal fin!

After the tide turned, we traded Alberto for Gene.  Alberto joined Kyle on his bass boat in quest for more bass. Kyle and Gene had caught 9 bass and 1 little striper; the largest bass was about 3.5 lbs. All of these fish were caught near Blue Plains.

Only a few minutes in with our new crew member and Gene hooks in to a nice 3.5 lb largemouth which gets boated. We fished fro two more hours and all we caught between the 2 boats was an ugly old catfish!

The day was absolutely perfect! I ended the day with sleeves rolled up and in shorts! The company was great even though the fishing was not quite up to normal Washington Channel standards.

The icing on the cake was seeing a bald eagle perched on a big tree out in front of Ft. McNair!

Oh...we now have 6 new bass (1 to 3.5 lbs) living in Cedar Lake!


Time to go fishin' again!



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