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#1 Sep-23-06 7:50PM

From: Ashburn VA
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9-22/23-06, Potomac River fishing report

Jim Rekas and I put in at Shamansky’s (Cobb Island) on Friday around noon. We headed across the Wicomico and tried to catch a few white perch but we had other important things on our minds….lunch at Quades. Jim likes to eat and we motored over to the dock in front of Quades. After a lunch of crab cakes and cheeseburgers, we headed over top the Cobb Light bar and started o do a little casting. We caught 3 stripers including a nice 19.5” keeper! Things slowed down so we headed up to Swan Point.

By the time we got there, the wind started to pick up and we were having trouble holding our position with the trolling motor so out went the anchor so we could slow drift.

In all reality, it was a slow day at Swan Point although we managed to catch 4 stripers, 12 white perch a croaker and a 3.5 lb kitty (Jim caught this one) in addition to the other 3 stripers. All the stripers were 1-17 inches except for 2two.

The plan was to fish on my boat again on Saturday but we got a call from Capt. Jeff Hammett of the Rebecca E and he told us to meet him at 7:30 to go out on his 35’ Evans. We did not argue the call and told him we would be at the dock bright and early. Jim was getting exited because we now had the chance to catch more fish and bigger fish since Jeff is a fish magnet.

It was a bit windy at the dock when we got under way but that would not damper or spirits. However, as we got out of the Wicomico River, it was obvious that the wind was blowing 15-20 kts and that the waves were getting to 3 feet. A 3 foot chop in the river can mess up a good day of fishing. Cap. Jeff looked at me and said “this is not going to be fun” so we turned around and went back in.

So….now it’s 9:30 Am and we are 1.5 ours form home. Jim and I decide that we may be able to get some white perch fishing in so we headed to Chaotic Wharf where it might be calmer. When we got to the ramp, the wind was at a steady 20kts and things did not look good. That kind of wind would make it very difficult to throw the ultra light stuff we had. We waited to see if conditions would change and sure enough, they did. It got windier!

So home we went without throwing a line in on Saturday. But at least Jim got a rockfish diner for Saturday night!


Time to go fishin' again!



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