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  Thanks for taking a look at the site and welcome aboard!
  As you know, fishing is one of my passions and sharing a day on the water with friends is the ultimate!

Fishing can be anything you want it to be! For me, it's a great form of relaxation and fellowship and sometimes we even get to keep a few for a great meal!

You are invited to go fishing with me to any of the various locations from the Washington DC area to the Outer Banks of North Carolina all the way down to Florida. Whether we fish my 21 foot Hydra Sports Center Console, on the shore or beach, in a kayak or canoe, or with a Charter Captain…let's go fishing!

  Together, we will learn the fine sport of fishing. What we don't yet know, we will learn either by trial and error or by asking the many great fishermen/women that we will meet up with out on the water. What we fish for will depend on the season and the conditions.

In the early spring, we will fish the Fletcher’s area (DC waters of the Potomac River) for striper, shad, channel or blue cats and white perch. We can also head down to the Middle/Lower Potomac or the Bay for trophy stripers or the Upper Potomac for Smallies!

In the summer, we will spend time light tackle fishing for white perch, blues and stripers on the rivers and bays as well as floating the Shenandoah and Upper Potomac rivers (and exploring others as well).We will be casting artificial lures to shallow structure, ledges and sandbars. The Bay is also an option for specks and reds…..and there is always OBX!

In the fall, we will target the bigger stripers in the Middle/Lower Potomac and down to the Bay. We will chase schools of surface feeding fish and also cast to shallow structure with light tackle. But we may also try for stripers in the Washington Channel in DC by Haines Point. Or we will hunt down a trophy smallie in one of the rivers.

In the winter? If it's a decent day, we can just go out and see what's lurking out there!

At any time during the year we will even do some fishing down at Lake Anna or take a trip to a destination that is yet unknown.

The one thing I can guarantee is that we WILL have a great time on the water!

So…take a look at the CALENDAR page and don't be bashful to ask to fish on an open date by CONTACTING ME! Browse through the FORUM and PHOTO pages to see what's been going on.


God grant that I may live,
To fish until my dying day
And when it comes to my last cast
I then most humbly pray,
When in the Lord's safe landing net,
I'm peacefully asleep.
That in His mercy I be judged,
As good enough to keep!

Life is short…let's fish!!


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